MM Tools

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Math Modeling Lesson Analysis Tool

Our Math Modeling Lesson Analysis Tool is to help teachers make note of formative assessment data collected during the modeling cycle. 

We have designed the lesson analysis tool to mark the students' modeling competencies displayed during the lesson and to take stock of successes and challenges. We ask teachers to reflect on areas for growth and  plan for"what's next" to advance the teaching and learning of mathematical modeling in the elementary grades. 

We also attend to the ways in which the lesson invited diverse students to engage in the lessons in the form of valuing multiple ideas and engaging participation of all learners.

What is strength-based formative assessments?

Strengths-based formative assessment is the intentional, regular look for the cultural, community, and mathematical strengths students bring to tasks coupled with responsive teacher action that highlights and builds on these strengths to support students’ mathematical development. 

Teacher Moves aligned to Culturally Responsive Mathematics Teaching

Graphic Organizers

Consensus Board

Provides opportunities for students to share their individual thinking to build on collective thinking and they build and operate on a model

This poster can help with teacher questioning and student math talk.